Up Close

Another idea based theme. Up Close. Strictly speaking this should probably be a macro photograph, but since it’s fall and most flowers are dead… I chose a less strict interpretation.

I have already printed, matted and mounted this first image for submission, however I took a photo the next day with a different lens.  Post some feedback as to which one you prefer.

Image Ready for submission
EF 135mm  f/2 L, ISO 100 , f/2.8, 1/5 s  — Shot with lights off and used an off camera flash to expose image.

“Up Close – 135mm B&W”

Bennett, D. (2014). “UpClose-135mm B&W”. [image].

In the above image I wanted to show an older disused film camera, neglected, dusty, dirty. I also chose to use a bit of a yellow tone to soften the black with hopes of giving the overall image an aged feeling.
Although pleased with the initial look, I decided to try another look and feel. For the second image I used a wider angle lens capturing more of the scene and decided to pop the black instead. Resulting in a slightly cleaner crisper image, implying the camera is still in use and cared for.

Same content for second image, same method to capture just used a different lens.

EF 85mm f/1.2L, ISO 200 , f/1.2, 1/250 s  —  Shot with lights off, and used an off camera flash to expose image.

“Up Close – 85mm B&W”

Bennett, D. (2014). “UpClose-85mm B&W”. [image].