So why don’t I just print from the internet?

So why don’t I just print from the internet? Well, for one it’s stealing other peoples work, but you are also only getting a cheap copy. Images on the internet are usually posted at 72dpi and 1000 pixels wide as curent internet and maojority of monitors can’t handle more. If you’re lucky it’s a 90-100 dpi image and 1920 x 1080 pixels… but basically it would be similar to printing from your phone. Print quality… well you get what you get, and it will not be adjusted for the correct paper or colour corrected properly.

My file sizes are 5184 X 3456 pixels and minimum 300dpi printed to a premium quality photo paper with a calibrated printer. Going direct to the photographer you get the highest quality image as intended. There is no problem printing any image to 11.7 X 16.5.