Revisiting Santa Fe

Each year in early spring I try and get away for a couple weeks, taking a road trip somewhere (preferably warmer than Edmonton) to recharge and see something new. This year with new studio space I’m not sure just when I’ll get away, but that didn’t stop my mind from wandering. I don’t remember how I got talking to a friend about Santa Fe but I soon found myself travelling down memory lane. This was the first trip I took that we visited museums, specifically art museums. Rainy and cold weather had us looking for things to do indoors. It turned out to be the best unplanned thing we’ve done. Very inspirational and educational. We saw the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Museum of International Folk Art, New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. I highly recommend visiting, just don’t eat at the Museum Hill Cafe… bad food, horrible service, high price.
Anyway before I drift into posting a food blog I’ll get back to Santa Fe… sort of. I planned to post and show images from each museum, and talk briefly about the large art community, but I realized that the images I took… no longer meet my expectations. So sadly this blog that was meant to be inspirational is just a ramble.

It was a quick realization so I’ll share one example, a snapshot of the view from our villa.

BEFORE (shot from camera, and would have posted)

NOW (edited version) better but still not a great shot.

Revisiting my images was still helpful, the trip was done in March 2014. So I was pleased that I could actually see an improvement in my photography in the last two years, and could process RAW files better now. The images are viewable on my personal FB page… but just not professional enough to share.
Couple quick note on Santa Fe:
a)They have a free Pickup Shuttle to selected areas. It makes travelling to the museum and the galleries on Canyon Road very easy.
b)Canyon road contains roughly 100 galleries in a half mile.
c)Santa Fe is located at 7,199 feet (2,194 m) above sea level, making it the highest state capital in the United States.
d)With such high elevation the temperature is significantly cooler than neighbouring Albuquerque. You may want to consider that when planning to escape the cold.

If you want to hear more on Santa Fe send me a message