Restless nights…

At 2:35am everything is a bit blurry for me now so it’s not your eyes- it’s the image.

It’s inevitable that at some point in your life you will experience a bit of insomnia. My mind has been racing a bit lately, and perhaps fallen off the track bit now and then, but a lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help. That cat has also been a bit restless and often chooses to disturb my sleep at hours I no longer wish to be awake to see. This restlessness has left me cranky and I find myself snacking more. However my snacking food of choice seems to dwindle much faster than I consume it. In my cranky state I accused my spouse of eating my chips… which she denies… so I just buy more chips.

Well I thought I’d started to hear things as well, a rustling in the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning when the cat disturbs me… but of course nothing to be found when I go look for the sound. So last night when the cat got me up I followed the same routine, get up, washroom break, investigate in the kitchen… nothing . However this time I was prepared for a change up, and intead of going back to the bedroom, I went only as far as the living room to sleep on the chaise. Sure enough, within an hour I was woken up again by a rustling sound in the kitchen.

I was able to sneak back into the kitchen without the creaking in the hall and caught the source of the sound on camera!

I shrieked a bit with Joy and fear, I always wanted one!

But now I’m questioning if those dark bits in my chips were just burnt bits as I previously thought… and not sure what to do with the chip nibbling thief.

Let me know if you have had a house hippo problem and what you would recommend I do with her.