Images Alberta Camera Club

I was honoured to be invited to speak and present to Images Alberta Camera Club. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I had to prepare 45 minutes of material to a large group of people that I had never met. I talked about commercial photography, the images I took for my photographic thesis, then presented my printed portfolio and images.
It went reasonably well, as I only saw a few people nodding off. Out of the ninety or so present I consider a 3% sleep rate a win.

I’m sharing this with you because if you are reading my blog you likely have some interest in photography, either looking for some hints or tips to help you out with your photography or you are seeking a photographer.
If you are in the first group you should look into IACC. The group of people I met was a friendly group with one binding factor, Photography. The Images club has been around since 1975 in Edmonton, with at least one member as part of the club for the last 38 years. They have built an amazing group of support and continued inspiration with a passion for learning.
They organize outings and guest speakers and get together twice a month.
What a perfect way to grow and develop your passion for photography.

Check them out
Ok so why a picture of an excavator?
1- To grab attention
2- Images camera club could help you build a foundation to your photography
3- I do commercial photography in and around Edmonton
4- you can book my for commercial jobs by calling 780-983-5515 or email