Flash Modifier- Gels

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This weekend I was assisting on a shoot with Corey Pollack and he chose to use gels on the speedlites to enhance his vision of the image.

More images from the session on his blog CLICK HERE

So with that fresh in mind what better topic for this weeks Tech Tip Tuesday.
‘Flash Modifier – Gels’
Perhaps you’ve been wondering what the coloured piece of plastic is that came with your flash. It’s know as a Gel, simply put it modifies your flash output from close to daylight (5500-6000 Kelvin) to match the artificial light you may be shooting in.
In addition to using gels to match artificial lighting you can use the gels to to change the colour of a white backdrop, or provide a different look to your image.
One economical and practical kit is the Rogue Flash Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit.

I purchased mine from a local store (Vistek) for about $40. While doing a quick Google search for other options I found an article about today’s topic on one of my favourite sites.

So instead of covering the same material, I think it best to provide the link to a well written and thorough review of the product.

the-digital-picture.com by Bryan Carthan

Be sure to check out the rest of his site when you finish reading the review. I also recommend joining the online community forums – weekly challenges and great inspiration.
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