Family Portrait Session -What to Expect

Capturing moments of time with your family to preserves memories for years to follow; that is my goal as a portrait artist.

A family portrait session isn’t something everyone always wants to do, so I do my best to keep the experience fun. If someone is looking a bit too serious, or the kids are loosing interest, we will stop and make silly faces. Be prepared, if you want a photographer that takes himself more seriously than the work, I’m not your guy.

Portrait sessions are available either in studio or on location, your house, outside, I’m flexible. My goal is to get the best image that represents your family. I try to limit studio sessions in the summer, but when weather is not co-operative moving indoors is an available option.

You’ve selected me as your family’s portrait artist so I know you’ve already done some homework, and I appreciate you choosing me. If your friend recommended me, and this is your first intro to me, well I thank your friend.

Back to your session, behind the scenes I prepare for each session scouting locations, finding the best light and a bunch of other details that are rather boring. When you show for your session I’ve already invested a good deal of time into getting ready just for your family.
In return I ask for a bit of homework on your behalf.


Prior to your portrait session I ask that we meet for an in person consultation. The whole family does not need to attend, but are certainly welcome to join. The consultation gives me a chance to get to know you, and for kids it gives them a chance to meet me, so on day of the session I’m not a 100% stranger. The consultation puts us on the same page as to what you expect from your session, and what I will be delivering.

Consultations are done at my studio. During the consultation, we will book your session, book the reveal, and sign your contract. Your session fee will also be collected as a retainer at that time.
If you are unable to meet at my studio, we can discuss an in in home consultation meeting at a local coffee shop or even speak over the phone.

Portrait Session-

Do not stress- It isn’t everyday that you get your portrait taken, but you and your family just need to be yourselves. Some direction will be given and some posing will be required, but much of the time I will be capturing the between poses, the candid moments. The session will be based on what I’ve learnt from our consultation. I will provide some ‘what to wear’ recommendations and some sample images, and if you are uncertain of an outfit, send me a text with some outfit choices, and I’ll provide suggestions.
Sessions are usually about one hour long, however for outdoor shoots we have to work with the natural light, please do not make plans that are time dependant directly after a session. Sessions may go long in order to get the best image for you and your family.
Once we’ve captured the images, it will take roughly three weeks to prepare your images for the reveal.

Portrait Reveal-

The top images from your session will be revealed roughly three weeks after your portrait session at my studio. This is your chance to choose which pieces of art you wish to hang in your house. The length of the reveal will depend on the session and our initial consultation, as a guideline set aside roughly an hour, leaving a buffer of about thirty minutes. Most people find their favourites within half hour, but do not feel rushed. Please note the images at the reveal have been prepared for digital presentation and are not the final image. Consider the reveal images as a first draft. All parties involved in purchasing decision must be present, a second reveal is possible, however an additional fee applies.
With your images and sizes of canvas chosen, I get back to preparing your images for print.

Presentation and Delivery-

Delivery dates and presentation will vary on the product you have chosen. Each order is custom to you, and as such, larger orders and specialty prints and canvases and framing options all factor into delivery time. We aim to delivery within six weeks of the reveal.

Hiring a portrait artist and purchasing Portrait Art is the best way to preserve family memories while assuring the highest standards on quality materials.

Now that you have a good idea of the process involved call 7800-983-5515 to book your session, or email for more details.