Day in the life

So what is a typical day in the life of a photographer? I’m not sure… If you ask most new full time photographers they would suggest they have no life. If you ask an established photographer? The answers will vary, some will have regular hours, others will shoot when the light is good, others will shoot dawn till dusk, and a few choose dusk till dawn.. Basically there is no typical day.
I’m spending two weeks assisting Roth and Ramberg with hope of absorbing as much of their experience as possible in that short time.

So what is a typical day of commercial photographer? Same as above, no typical day.
Alarms set at all hours for different jobs and days.

I’ll use today as an example. Wake at 5:45, eat shower etc. leave at 6:30 for 7 am start.

I joined Roth and Ramberg to capture images from 7 am through 11:00 stopping briefly for 1/2 hr lunch. The session continued for another four and a half hours.

Typical day?

I still don’t know. –

I can tell you it is exhausting.

I can also say if you need top quality commercial work, particularly in Calgary or Vancouver you should give them a call.
If they are out of your budget, and you seek images in Alberta give me a call.