Curiosity got the Muskrat

I decided to revisit the Muskrat picture as many people took an interest in it, and really liked the photo. I appreciate the comments a great deal, and welcome feedback.

This post is a bit of behind the scenes of this particular image. It shows some of the process in order to get a good shot, instead of just a snapshot.

The image was taken at Elk Island National park on Astotin Lake. I saw some activity in the water in the distance and found a spot with a scene I liked. As I approached activity ceased and I could no longer see the beavers or the muskrats. I continued to my destination and lay down flat on the ground. I waited 5-10 minutes and the creatures continued their work. The beavers never came close enough, but the muskrats were almost playful in their curiosity. I took the time to set up and compose a shot in one spot, and a muskrat would come close.. then promptly dive under the water, while simultaneously another would pop out within three meters on the opposite non camera side. I stayed in the same spot flat to the ground for about an hour and never did capture the image I had in mind.

The Image I submitted:
Bennett, D. (2014). “Curiosity got the Muskrat“. [image].

Original file of submitted photo:
Bennett, D. (2014). “Curiosity got the Muskrat-Raw“. [image].

The composition I had in mind. In the below image I was hoping to capture with a larger Beaver, muskrat, or even swan:
Otter in the Reeds
Bennett, D. (2014). “Muskrat in the reeds“. [image].

After critique I re-edited the image a bit based on the feedback I received. I had actually tried doing the edit suggested, however I didn’t have luck with a clean edit prior to printing.
I spent a bit more time this evening and had some success for a web copy, but I think given the chance I would just re-shoot instead of edit.

Bennett, D. (2014). “Curiosity got the Muskrat II“. [image].

On the plus side by revisiting the images, I found another image I hadn’t considered. (It was underexposed by 3 stops- so likely grainy at full size, but suitable for the web) – Alternate Muskrat

Bennett, D. (2014). “Alternate Muskrat“. [image].

As you can see images don’t just happen, they often require patience, timing, luck…. and some editing.