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What is a headshot?

What is a headshot? A headshot is your online introduction to the world. It has become essential to sell yourself in an ever growing online world. Whether you need a new profile picture for your Linked-In account, require a new headshot for your business, or even to highlight your features for an online dating profile….

5 lights – how about just One?

So 5 lights, I’ve been using more and more lights with each shoot… usually 4, but sometimes 5 profoto lights both in studio and on location. It can get a bit complicated when your subject moves and you need to adjust 3 lights before taking another shot, so… How about using just one profoto light…

Frozen in Time

Time is one of those things that slips by quicker and quicker with each passing year. In actuality it doesn’t, but for some reason our perception of time is diminished as we age, perhaps it’s simply the scale of relativity… I don’t know… what I do know is I took some images of a wonderful…