1000 True Fans

Eric Kim- 1000 True Fans

An interesting article putting blog fans and followers into perspective based on Kevin Kelly’s original article. Although the internet evolves quickly this article is still relevant today

The theory presented is if you have 1000 true fans who are willing to pay you $100 a year, for your work or a service, you have set yourself a comfortable living

“Of course the number doesn’t necessarily need to be 1,000. It can be less (500) or more (5,000). But the general gist is that you don’t need hundreds and thousands (or millions) of viewers, readers, or fans to make a living at what you do.”
Kim, E. (2014, October 26).  1,000 True Fans in Photography – Eric Kim Street Photography Blog. Retrieved October 26, 2014.

I’d need 650 people to buy $100 of my services once a year, in order to make equivalent earnings to that of my previous career.

That would require a combination of sales and services to  54 people per month, or roughly 12 people a week. Not an impossible task but it will require a lot of self promotion.